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Inspiration + Imagination = Intelligent FUN

Above the noise and crowded cities and streets of America Ron Kule was flying to Oregon when he was inspired by a flash idea:  "Illustrated phrases on T-shirts could be COOL! 

He didn't know if he would be laughed out of town or embraced as the "next, best thing until he showed off his first creations and felt the LOVE!  

People smiled. They laughed. They asked, "Where can we buy these shirts?"

To share the love Kule created WORDPLAY T-SHIRTS & DESIGNS.  The world, he thought, could sure use a few smiles and some laughs these days. 



Ron Kule, WordPlay Wordsmith

RON KULE... is an internationally published author/biographer of a dozen books. Writing as "Ronald Joseph Kule," his currently available titles include, CHEF TELL The Biography of America's Pioneer TV Showman Chef, Listen More Sell More (in English, Swedish and Spanish), Sell Better Sell Easier Sell Anything Artfully (in English and Italian), and Carolina Baseball Pressure Makes Diamonds in non-fiction genres. In fiction, his Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love and ThunderCloud (The Oddities of a Young Man's Journey to Manhood) have been released.

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